Reduce the Acid in Coffee, Wine, and Food

Occasional Heartburn? Acid Reflux? Indigestion? Tooth Enamel Erosion?

Neutralize the acid so you can enjoy the foods and beverages you love!

Coffee Tamer, CalciBlend and Wine Tamer help to alkalize the body and maintain a balanced pH ratio. Our patented formulation allows you to reduce acid BEFORE it enters your body.

Coffee Tamer Reduces up to 90% of Acids

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Coffee Tamer, CalciBlend and Wine Tamer Product Benefits:

  • Relief from occasional heartburn
  • Relief from occasional upset stomach or indigestion
  • Relief from occasional acid reflux
  • Reduction of acid associated with occasional heartburn
  • Promotion of urinary tract health
  • Reduction of tooth enamel erosion
  • Promotes esophageal health
  • Promotes oral health
  • What Is It?

    Alkalizing granules that neutralize the acidity in foods and beverages without damaging the flavor. It provides optimal effectiveness to reduce acid in different parts of the body, not just the traditional acidic environment of the stomach.

  • Will it Change the Flavor?

    Coffee Tamer, CalciBlend and Wine Tamer do not affect the flavor or aroma of foods or beverages. In certain foods and beverages, such as vinegar-based dressings, coffee and citrus based foods, it may slightly reduce the acid bite.

  • Who Can Benefit?

    Anyone suffering from occasional heartburn, acid reflux, general discomfort after acidic foods, periodontal disease or erosion of tooth enamel should reduce their acid intake. Recommended by Urologists and Gastroenterologists!


Make a good cup even better

Coffee Tamer

When you sprinkle Coffee Tamer into your coffee, the acids bind to the Coffee Tamer and are neutralized, without changing the taste or aroma.

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Neutralize Acidity in Foods


Unlike antacids, CalciBlend neutralizes the acid in food and beverages before your stomach has to deal with it.

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Enjoy the beverages you love

Wine Tamer

Wine Tamer offers a healthy way to reduce acids in the wines you love without changing flavor.

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