About Coffee Tamer Brands

Products for Reducing Dietary Acid and Enjoying a Low Acid Lifestyle

Our mission is to provide you with the best ingredients for ultimate health.

After years of struggling with digestive discomfort (and not wanting to give up our coffee), our family discovered Coffee Tamer. Join us and discover the joy of a low-acid lifestyle. - The Loyds

Coffee Tamer is a family-owned portfolio of products that includes the brands Coffee Tamer®, CalciBlend®, and Wine Tamer®. The Company’s proprietary natural mineral formula reduces acidity in foods and beverages without affecting the flavor or aroma.

The Loyd family has been manufacturing Coffee Tamer®, CalciBlend®, and Wine
Tamer® since the products' inception at PH Sciences in Seattle, WA. The products were formerly distributed by Heartburn Help, LLC. In 2024, the Loyd family regained distribution of the products under Coffee Tamer, LLC, upon the retirement of Heartburn Help's owners.

The Loyd family has been developing solutions for increased lifespan and health span for decades. We are honored to serve you.

Our Facilities

All products are manufactured in an FDA-registered facility north of Seattle with Coffee Tamer’s proprietary equipment.

Commitment to Quality and Purity

The various products are made
with biodegradable materials that are generally recognized as safe (GRAS). GRAS ingredients have been tested a minimum of 20 years by the FDA for safety in consumer products.

Our pure mineral granule formulation is in full compliance with California Prop 65. The primary ingredient, calcium carbonate, is from an ancient seabed. All products are made in the USA.

CFO of Coffee Tamer LLC Ashley Loyd

CEO Ashley Loyd

"Although my family has been manufacturing Coffee Tamer, CaliBlend, and Wine Tamer for years, we are now managing the distribution and sales as well. We are thrilled to continue bringing these life-changing products to you and honored to be part of your favorite coffee, food and wine moments."

Our Acid-Reducing Granules Offer Great Benefits!

CalciBlend Acid Reducing Granules

Reduce Acid Before Digestion

Proactive Acid Reduction:

Sprinkle on acidic foods to reduce acid without altering taste; helps support tooth enamel and digestive comfort. Great for pizza, spaghetti, lasagna, or any foods or beverages that cause stomach distress, sour stomach, or occasional heartburn or indigestion.

Coffee Tamer Natural Acid Reducer for Coffee with Coffee in Mug with foam heart


Supports Healthy Body pH:

Our proprietary blend of calcium carbonate and essential nutrients keeps your body's pH levels in balance, contributing to your overall wellness. By nurturing a healthy body pH, CalciBlend sets the stage for sustained vitality and optimal health.

Graphic of intestines with hands on sides

Supporting the Digestive Tract

Aids Removal of Acidic Waste:

Our products assists your body in eliminating acidic waste, promoting a cleaner internal environment, and supporting better bodily functions. This process supports digestion and metabolism, leading to better overall health and well-being.

CalciBlend Clean Ingredients for Acid Reduction


Naturopathic Acid Relief:

We adopt a holistic approach to occasional acid indigestion, offering a natural alternative to traditional antacid pills. Our granular mineral formula works in harmony with your body to reduce acidity, providing effective and proactive relief from symptoms like occasional heartburn and indigestion.