Coffee Tamer_Making_a_Cup_of_Coffee

Reduce up to 90% of Acids in Coffee

Coffee Tamer Provides:

  • Relief from occasional heartburn
  • Relief from occasional upset stomach or indigestion
  • Relief from occasional acid reflux
  • Reduction of acid associated with occasional heartburn
  • Promotion of urinary tract health
  • Reduction of tooth enamel erosion

Coffee Acid Neutralizer Made of Natural Pure Minerals

Unlike antacids, Coffee Tamer neutralizes the acid in food and beverages before your stomach has to deal with it. When you sprinkle a little Coffee Tamer into your food or Coffee, the acids in the food or beverage bind to the Coffee Tamer and are neutralized, without changing the taste or aroma.

Coffee Tamer contains calcium, potassium, and magnesium. Coffee
Tamer contains no aluminum, cholesterol, sugar, fat or calories. Coffee Tamer
contains a small amount (less than 1 milligram of sodium per serving) of CMC
Sodium – brand name (Solutab). Coffee Tamer’s ingredients are recognized as
safe by the FDA, consisting entirely of GRAS (generally regarded as safe)
ingredients. GRAS ingredients have been tested a minimum of 20 years by the FDA
for safety in consumer products.

How to use Coffee Tamer
Add one or two packets to a cup of coffee or tea.
Coffee Tamer® can be used in all coffee and tea varieties including decaffeinated. Coffee Tamer can be added to water in a French press prior to steeping the coffee grounds.

The Convenient Acid Reducer

Coffee Tamer is available in convenient shakers as well as packets. Don't give up coffee at work or restaurants. Take Coffee Tamer on the go with our convenient packets!