Coffee Tamer is a Traveler's Best Friend - Reduce Dietary Acid While Traveling

Traveler’s Stomach or Heartburn on Vacation? Coffee Tamer Can Help!

Traveling opens a world of experiences, and for coffee enthusiasts, it offers the unique joy of discovering diverse coffee cultures, styles, and wonderful dining experiences around the globe. Drinking coffee while traveling is more than just a daily ritual; it’s an adventure, providing opportunities to connect with local traditions, savor unique flavors, and enjoy the ambiance of charming coffee shops and cafes. The unique foods of a region should also not be missed, but the combination of new coffee, new food, and a busy travel schedule can often cause or increase digestive problems.

Traveling makes it hard to maintain digestive health and balance, especially for those who are sensitive to acids. Traveler's stomach, characterized by digestive discomfort or upset, can be exacerbated by the acids present in coffee. The stress of travel and change in schedule can also affect the stomach. Coffee Tamer acid reducing granules offer a practical and effective solution for those who want to enjoy the coffee and foods of the region without the accompanying acid-related issues.


How Coffee Tamer Helps the Digestive System while Traveling

Reduces Coffee Acids: Coffee Tamer works by reducing acids in coffee, which can help prevent the irritation and discomfort often associated with acid reflux, heartburn, and indigestion. By reducing the acidity, Coffee Tamer helps to make coffee gentler on the stomach, allowing travelers to enjoy their favorite beverage without fear of digestive upset.

Reduces Acids in Food: Coffee Tamer can also be sprinkled on acidic foods, ensuring digestive support throughout a traveler’s dining experiences. This is particularly important when travel diets might be more irregular or include more acidic foods. 

Maintains Healthy Dietary Acid Balance: Maintaining a balanced diet while traveling is crucial, and this includes managing the intake of acidic foods and beverages. Coffee Tamer's granules help maintain a healthier dietary acid balance and body pH.

Provides Digestive Tract Support: Coffee Tamer is designed for effective delivery throughout the digestive system, providing oral, esophageal, stomach, and urinary tract support. For frequent travelers or those on long trips, maintaining digestive comfort is essential to fully enjoy the travel experience. Coffee Tamer can be a key part of a travel health routine, preventing common issues that could otherwise detract from the trip.


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    Why Choose Coffee Tamer for Travel?

    Convenient and Portable: Coffee Tamer packets are small, lightweight, and easy to carry, making them ideal for travel. Whether you’re on a plane, at a hotel, or exploring a new city, you can easily add a packet of Coffee Tamer to your coffee or sprinkle on your meal. This convenience ensures that you can enjoy all that a new location has to offer without compromising your digestive health.  It also ensures you have support on-hand when you need it.

    Natural and Effective: Coffee Tamer’s natural mineral formula is backed by multiple patents for its effective delivery method that supports the entire digestive tract.

    Flavorless and Odorless: Coffee Tamer reduces acidity without changing the flavor or aroma, making it an effective solution for acid sensitivity without altering the experience.

    No Mess: Unlike some acid reducers, Coffee Tamer granules are easily stirred in coffee.  Coffee Tamer can be sprinkled on foods easy and quickly – no mixing or additional effort required.  You don’t want a liquid solution spilling in your suitcase!  Coffee Tamer packets travel easily.

    Versatile: Our granules can be used with any type of coffee, whether you're brewing a cup in your hotel room or enjoying a leisurely cup at a café. Use on any food, whether trying bites from a local street vendor or experiencing exquisite fine dining at a Michelin star restaurant.



        Experience Less Acid and More Joy While Traveling

        Coffee Tamer acid reducing granules are an excellent travel companion for coffee lovers who want to avoid the discomfort of acid-related digestive issues. 

        They also have the added benefit of being perfect for food by reducing acids before digestion and relieving occasional acid reflux, heartburn, indigestion, and stomach discomfort.

        Their ease of use, portability, and effectiveness in reducing acidity make them a valuable tool for maintaining a healthy dietary acid balance while on the go.
        By incorporating Coffee Tamer into your travel routine, you can enjoy the tastes of the region without compromise.

        Coffee Tamer ensures enjoyment of all the coffee and foodie experiences your destination has to offer, without the harsh effects of acid.

          Experience Less Acid and More Travel with Coffee Tamer!


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